I had the pleasure of doing a portrait session with Katie Boltwood of Tilly and Teal. I also interviewed her for my Featured Friday series. Where I interview different small business owners and shine a spotlight on their talents. If you’re interested in being featured, please email me! katymurray@katymurrayphotography.com

Also, look at this beautiful bouquet by Yen Sadek, of Chic Girls Flowers. She does amazing work, so please check her out!


  • I am a wedding planner offering month of coordination services
  • I have a split heart that has two loves. The first being Youth Ministry and the second for Event Planning. I got started in the planning industry by becoming a venue coordinator for a restarting golf club in Northern Virginia. Once it was time to move onto another chapter many of the vendors that I had connected with encouraged me to pursue my own business… So, here I am!
  • What I tell my clients is that dreaming and pinning is a great starting point. Those dreams can become into a reality, but remembering the realistic measures of staying withing budget is my favorite piece of advice. Your dream wedding can done as long as you have that accountability. I am happy to say that I am that happy medium for my clients.
  • All the hard work the couple and their families have put into this amazing day comes to life within just a few short hours. Seeing the creativity and then being able to assist in set-up and execution is worth every minute of my time!
  • I am still in the beginning stages of launching this new baby of mine. So my goals by the end of the year is to finish my website, create business cards, and have a launch party!
  • The clients. They mean everything to me. For them to trust me in executing their special day means the world to me!
  • My fear is that those who know my first passion wont take this one seriously since they are separate ends of the spectrum. However, I do understand that those who know both will be 100% supportive.
  • The transparent and open minded client. I know some brides comes in with a very specific idea which is totally cool. However, keeping an open mind opens doors for aspects that a client may not have thought of before.
  • I love serving with my church and hanging out with the beau.
  • T+T carries the atmosphere of your closest girlfriend planning your big day while allowing your actual besties celebrate it with you!
  • That is a talent in the learning stages. What I have found is block scheduling is my best friend!
  • I am based in the Northern Virginia area.

Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal Tilly-and-Teal



  • Facebook.com/tillyandteal

Beautiful bouquet by Yen Sadek, of Chic Girls Flowers.

Today I am sharing about my wedding client gifts! I am hesitant to share, not because I don’t want to share with other creatives and business owners, but because I love surprising my clients. Wedding-Photography-Gifts

I am a huge fan of hand written notes and snail mail. HUGE FAN. When Philip and I visit new places we always get postcards, a lot of them. Some to send to friends and family, others to frame for our home. Yup, we frame postcards. More recently I’ve been using an app called Ink Cards. Ink Cards is an app that allows you to take a photograph with your phone and turn it into a postcard. For a small fee they make the postcard and mail it to your specified destination. I love this because it can be a postcard of Phil & I for our moms; it can be a scenic sight or a city scape. I’ve only used it a few times although I plan to use it more! But I’ve taken a detour, back to the main point…

A client gift doesn’t have to be something extravagant, it just needs to be meaningful and intentional. I’ve tried a few different things for my client gifts. At one time or another I would send my clients a gift card, to encourage a date night. With the gift card I would include a handwritten note to tell the couple to take time to themselves during the hectic-ness of planning a wedding. I moved towards Starbucks gift cards-because who doesn’t love Starbucks?! Although these were all great, they weren’t exactly what I wanted. I wanted my client gift to be more personal, more me, more my business brand.

One day I stumbled up 2j’s Soap, while surfing the web or something. They are based in Portland, Oregon. If you don’t know it, I’m from Oregon, not far from Portland. 2j’s Soap make a variety of handmade items, including lip balm, hand balm and candles. I was so excited, so I shot them an email to get details. They can even custom make the labels for their items. As you see, I had my logo put on each item. If you know anything about branding this is a total bonus for business+branding. I didn’t waste anytime placing my order.

Aside from all that, I love including these in my client gifts because I feel like it incorporates a part of me. Something intentional. Oregon is a special place to me and I love sharing a part of it with my clients. To spruce up the gift package I bought party poppers (gold + silver) from Michael’s Craft Store because planning a wedding and getting married is totally a reason to celebrate. The cards I use for handwritten notes are an assortment from different places, but primarily from Target Dollar Spot! I love Target, it’s always been one of my favorite places to shop for cute random items I don’t actually need, but hey, they’re cute!

I sometimes dabble in drawing, and I like journalling so I use some of my favorite fun pens when writing the note. This aspect just depends on my mood. For the box, I use to use something a little fancier than a plan Priority Box, but I found this route to be easier for mailing the items.

It’s always fun to keep the creative juices following and to incorporate new ideas as they come to life. This to me is one of the many pleasures of owning a small business. I know that my wedding client gifts, business and brand will continue to grow.

Wedding-Photography-Gifts Wedding-Photography-GiftsWedding-Photography-Gifts

Earlier this week we decided to take a walk, but not before I did my sister’s hair and makeup.

Like I’ve mentioned before, she is either super excited for photos or she absolutely hates it. This time…It started out as the latter than quickly changing her mind, she had a lot of fun! Doina is a very special girl. I’ve wrote about her before, so some of this may be repetitive. But she is so wonderful. She drives me crazy half the time, but it doesn’t out weight the love I have for her.

PS: This cute sign is made by Brittany Frieson, of Between Lines By B. 


Doina is a Romanian name; it is a Romanian musical tune style. Doina was adopted from Romania when she was four years old. She lived in an orphanage until her adoption. She came to my family with her name and her personality. Doina has been a part of my life for twenty four years, and I can’t imagine life without her. Through her pretty blue eyes I’ve learned a lot about life, people, and myself. Doina loves her blue eyes, compliment them and you will be her new best friend. 

One of the hardest things of moving out into my own apartment years ago, was leaving Doina behind. Fast forward a few years, and it is wonderful to have Doina visit me. We rock out to Disney music, because it’s her favorite and we always give high fives and fist bumps. Doina is stuck somewhere between wanting to be an adult and loving life as a child. And I love her for it.

Rockville-Portrait-Photography Rockville-Portrait-Photography Rockville-Portrait-Photography Rockville-Portrait-PhotographyDoina’s smile is the sweetest. I cannot express how happy I am when she smiles, when she laughs and when she’s happy. Doina is a blessing. I’m so proud to call her my sister.



I announced this on my personal facebook page before leaving on vacation, but figured if anyone missed it I would also post it here on my blog.
I joined the United States Navy!
As of June 7, 2016 I was sworn in. This decision wasn’t made lightly; Philip and I spent a lot of time in prayer and researching. We are very excited for next spring when I head to basic, and start this next chapter in our life. We appreciate all the love and support from our friends and family.

img_1992 img_1993

In the meantime we are focusing on spending time together and enjoying life as it is.

I’ve had a lot of questions asked lately, so I’ll go through some of them here.

Will you have to move?
Yes, basic training is in Great Lakes, Illinois. A & C school are in Dam Neck, Virginia.

Will Philip move with you? 
No. Not right away. 

How long is boot camp?
Basic Training is 8 weeks. A & C school combined are roughly 18-26 weeks. 

Will you be deployed?
Possibly. There is always a chance.

What will you do in the Navy?
I will be an Intelligence Specialist. Generally analyzing intel and helping the Navy decide what is useful and what isn’t. Briefing and debriefing based on the information we gather. 

I thought you wanted to be a nurse/go to school, not anymore?
Yes, I do want to further my education! Definitely one of my goals. I believe I can accomplish two of my life goals of serving my country and furthering my education through this decision.

How long do you have to be in the Navy?
I signed for 8 years. Initial commitment for 6 years active duty and an additional 2 years inactive. Potentially longer depending on where God leads us. 

Is Philip joining the Military also?

Are you Enlisted or Officer?
I am enlisted. I hope to further my education and rank up.

Why did you decide to join the military?
Easy. To serve my country. The structure and lifestyle appeal to me and I feel they may fit my personality well. Also the great benefits are a huge motivator and I like traveling.

That’s all for now. 🙂

This photo shoot, styled by Hannah Scazzero of scazzero illustration and photographed by Katy Murray at Katy Murray Photography, LLC, is reminiscent of days gone by. A simple, quiet elegance accompanies the vintage aura. The black and white photos give us even more of the vintage perspective.

Liana Vazquez, the bride, is wearing a strapless dress by Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria, with a fitted, lace-covered bodice and full skirt with layers of tulle. This dress has a flowing train and a vintage sage sash, courtesy of Mint Lola, tied in a bow. Liana’s dress is beautifully simple and she lets her natural elegance be her adornment, wearing only simple pearl earrings that add a touch of vintage romance. She wears her hair in an elegant french roll, enhanced by the hand-made 24K gold-plated hair comb by Mint Lola, elegantly designed with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. Liana’s hair and make-up are by Felicia Renee at Felicia Renee Beauty.

Our groom sports a dark, slim suit with a striped, Burberry tie. His white Fedora takes us back to an earlier era.

The bouquet is by Kelly Shore, at Petals by the Shore. She used fragrant Eucalyptus stems and deep green Nagi to set off this large bouquet of shades of dusty rose and mauve. The pink peonies, symbolizing happy life/ happy marriage, good health and prosperity, are surrounded by radiant Ranunculus, light Larkspur, blissful Sweet Pea, Lavender Heather, and pale pink Tea Roses for perfect happiness.

The gazebo at Rockwood Manor is the ideal place for a private first dance. The sunshine and greenery frame the gazebo beautifully and give a wonderful glow to our couple.

The cake by Elise Smith at WinniE’s Bakery is served on an antique trestle desk under white Azaleas in full bloom, with the red brick of the Manor for a backdrop. The rose-colored settee is another ideal spot to relax and enjoy each other’s company in dappled sunlight amid more greenery and the Azaleas. Rentals by Faccia Fresca Vintage

The invitation suite features watercolor calligraphy and artwork by Hannah Scazzero of scazzero illustration. Intertwining the couples’ names, the invitation artist uses emerald green, soft pinks, and delicate washes of watercolor to echo the happiness of this special day. The classic calligraphy and graceful flourishes emphasize the elegance of a bygone era. 

Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-SessionVintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session Vintage-Inspired-Wedding-Session
Vendor Credits:

Katy Murray Photography, LLC

Katy Murray



Cake: WinniE’s Bakery, LLC



Model: Liana Vazquez



AJ Crawford

Silk ribbon:
Silk & Willow


Venue: Rockwood Manor




Florist: Petals by the Shore, LLC

Kelly Shore




Rentals: Faccia Fresca Vintage



Stationery, Calligraphy, Styling: Scazzero Illustration

Hannah Scazzero



Dress: Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria



Accessories: Mint Lola

Vesna Kustudic




Hair & MU:

Felicia Renee




Sometimes waking up before the sun is worth it! And this was one of those times.

During the hot summer months it can be challenging to do photo shoots because it’s so dang hot and uncomfortable. For most of August and early September I always try to meet my clients at sunrise. This allows us to beat the heat and still get soft colors from the sun. Plus it gives me a reason to wake up early (otherwise I’d be in bed still!).

Kevin and Nicole are friends of mine who are always up for anything. Nicole is a fellow photographer who is always doing something new and fun. So, when I posted in a local group that I had a gorgeous bouquet and needed faces in front of my camera Nicole was happy to help!

We based this session off of the flowers, made by Yen of Chic Girl Flowers. She put together this lovely arrangement for us to play with and photograph. I love working with Yen because she is so easy going and cheerful!

Glenview Mansion is one of my go to spots, it’s close by and has a great variety of vibes for photos. It has a garden, brickwork and stone work, lots of parking and easy paths to use. Love it!

glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photography glenview-mansion-engagement-photographyNot photographed are Kevin and Nicole’s twins! Maddie and Mason. They are such cuties. At once point Mason was my side kick, holding my hand and being my best buddy! Maddie really wanted to be in the photos with her parents, she’s such a model. 🙂


For many of you who follow me on social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or here on the blog I often post a lot about the different trips I take. I love telling my story through images.

Although I love traveling, and exploring new & old places. It isn’t rainbows and butterflies all the time. Today I want to share about some of the less than picture perfect times during these adventures.

Like the time I was packing for an 11 day road trip and forgot to take my extra Canon camera battery or charger. Luckily I had my cell phone camera and charger. I mainly used that to take photos and tried to conserve my Canon camera battery life for more intentional photos. It worked out great, until I got back home and accidentally deleted every image off my cellphone before they were backed up! I lost 11 days of images, plus a week prior too! It was painful to say the least.

Or the time I thought something was wrong with my tooth/mouth because it was super sensitive while traveling, so I went to a dentist only for them to tell me nothing was wrong with my mouth. To find out four weeks later that I have severe ear infection that now makes my whole jaw and face hurt. I am currently on antibiotics and lots of pain medication. 

Things don’t always go as planned and I don’t always share those details, simply because I don’t want to dwell on it. But I also don’t want to be misleading that my life is on point all the time!

Our cruise we recently returned from (which I will be posting about soon!!) was wonderful, however, I did feel some motion sickness from time to time and no appetite at all! Knowing now that I actually had a bad ear infection could have been a leading cause to the discomfort on the ship. Or that our one on shore excursion was canceled due to rain so we stayed on the ship, and I was bummed to be missing out on exploring the island.

The main reason I don’t share these things on social media and I try not to mention them (in too much detail) when I’m asked how my trip went is simply because I need to focus on the good. I am a pessimistic individual; I will say it time and time again; I am a pessimist. I prefer to call myself a realist, though. I’m not trying to chalk my life up to something it’s not, and I don’t want people to think my life is perfect. By focusing on the good I can control how I react to things and guide my emotions a little better. So why am I sharing this now? Because I think it’s important that people know I’m human, I’m real and my life isn’t this grand slide show of smiles, laughs, and giggles every.single.day.

| a: rockville, maryland | snapchat: @thekatymurray |
| instagram: @thekatymurray | twitter: @thekatymurray

I took a month off work, packed my bags and set out to explore the world. 

(Taking the month off of work wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and I absolutely love my co-workers and work family who made it happen-shout out to my BCC team!!!). Packing my bags wasn’t hard, just threw stuff in and hopped it zipped. I knew my dad would have time off work, so I talked him into a 11 day road trip after our annual family vacation to the beach. We got back to my dad’s apartment on Saturday evening from our trip to the coast, then spent Sunday doing laundry, packing and hanging out with our family. Monday morning August 8, 2016 we set out on our road trip.

If you’ve ever seen a Rob Kahrmann road trip agenda you’d probably gasp. My dad has the trip planned down to the minute (okay, okay, not really, but definitely down to the hour!). He is thorough. It pays off though because then we can fit a lot into the trip.

A quick summary of our trip:
We drove through 4 states; Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

We explored 9 (I think) National Parks; Glacier (USA), Waterton Lake, Kootneay, Jasper, Banff, Revelstoke, Glacier (Canada), Yoho and Olympic.


Wallowa Lake, Oregon was on of my favorite stops. It was simple and peaceful. If I lived closer I would love to take Philip there for a vacation. PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip

We took a few hikes, and explored different walking trails. One of my favorites was the Summit of Revelstoke Mountain. The view was incredible! The air was light and fresh. It was quiet, we went in the later afternoon and there weren’t many other people around. The wild flowers at the summit were very pretty, too! PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip

I wore my Chacos for a large portion of the trip. They are comfortable, easy to hike in, and breathable. PNW Road Trip

This was an art studio on Revelstoke Mountain. There were two painters inside focusing on their craft. I think it is super neat that this was here for people to utilize. PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip PNW Road Trip

While traveling I really wanted to incorporate a few portrait sessions into the places we visited. I love taking gorgeous photos of the scenic views, but sometimes it’s fun to through a subject into the scene and see what you come up with. While in Wallowa, Oregon visiting the Lodge we took a few minutes to play around in the daisies.

This is my sister. She is a unique character. Sometimes she’s super sweet and happy to be my model and other times it’s like pulling teeth to get a smile out of her for the camera, let alone putting on a dress. Luckily for me she was willing this time.  I’ll be posting about Wallowa Lake, Oregon again soon. It was one of my favorite stops on our entire trip!

wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon wallowa-oregon

| a: rockville, maryland | snapchat: @thekatymurray |
| instagram: @thekatymurray | twitter: @thekatymurray

A flash back to my road trip with Jennifer Nichols when we explored Yosemite. I sure how to visit this place again some day! It’s absolutely beautiful.


Annnnd we got to see this cute dog. I need a dog to travel with. 🙂KatyMurrayPhotography_0225 KatyMurrayPhotography_0224 KatyMurrayPhotography_0223