This Winter Wedding in Colorado Springs, Colorado was nothing short of beautiful! From the thousands of origami cranes her grandmother made, to dancing under the Colorado sunset, everything about their wedding day was surrounded in love and light. I am still overjoyed that I was trusted to photograph it! I first met the Kim family a few years ago […]


February 12, 2021

Colorado Springs, Colorado Winter Wedding Celebration

This styled session I wanted to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day but without the screaming RED, WHITE & HEARTS. So, I ran with a magenta, teal-ish + xoxo’s. In the hopes that the Valentine’s theme would come through. The team did an amazing job running with the inspiration & I love the way it […]


February 5, 2021

X’s and O’s |Valentine’s Day Inspiration Session

Anxiety is something I have always dealt with, but in my adult years this has changed immensely. I have learned new coping strategies and I can control myself better than ever before. Yet, there are times when I cannot wrap my head around reality vs the fiction my mind is making up. I struggle to […]

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January 27, 2021

How I cope with Anxiety


I’ve been a professional photographer for a number of years, and I recently found myself going through the motions. People often experience this in their job, but when you work in a creative industry, especially as an entrepreneur you don’t think you’ll fall victim to this! Today I will discuss what this looks like and […]

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January 13, 2021

Going through the Motions

I thought this would be a good topic considering a lot of people are mourning the fact they cannot spend the holidays with their loved ones. Tips to Enjoy the 2020 Holiday Season. It has been 8 years since we spent the holidays with our families.  When we first moved across the county, we knew there […]

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December 18, 2020

Tips to Enjoy the 2020 Holiday Season

Last time I blogged about dressing for your session I wrote about Layers, Textures, Patterns, and colors all focused on Fall themes. You can check out the Dressing for Your Photo Session | Fall Edition. I am a visual person, so I wanted to share more photos on this topic. There are endless possibilities of […]


December 2, 2020

Dressing for your Photo Session| Family Edition


Bethesda Maryland Family Photos At this point I’ve had two cups of coffee (one with a splash of cinnamon) and I’m ready to take on the night! As a mother, I’ve become more of a morning person than a night owl, but every so often I want to push it into the late hours of […]


December 1, 2020

Bethesda, Maryland Family Photos

I’ve been listening to Ted Talks Daily on Spotify. It has been a nice mental break for me while I am driving, or need a distraction while putting my daughter to bed. Most of them are a quick 15-20 minutes. Just enough to educate me, but not too long that I can’t squeeze it in […]

Tips & Tricks For Your Business

November 30, 2020

A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity | A TED Talk by Tim Harford

I first met this family a couple years ago for their engagement photos, and was so happy when they asked me to capture their family photos! Mazen is a total cutie. 🙂 It’s so fun seeing families grow and change over the years.


November 19, 2020

Highland Maryland Family Photos


This Rockville Maternity Session is extra special.I’ve known this momma for about 5 years, and I am so blessed to call her a friend and mentor. I first met Betsy in 2015 when she hired me at Bethesda County Club. That was the first club I’ve worked at and couldn’t be more thankful for the […]


November 12, 2020

Rockville Morning Maternity Session


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